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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is to -- [ indiscernible ] on the ground? >> the camp was created as a partnership between the boys and girls clubs of greater washington and the metropolitan police department. in fact, it's named after a former police chief. and camp brown isity miles from d.c. they dropped their kids off here on benning road northeast for a five-day stay in saint mary's county, maryland. it's supposed to be an escape to greener pastures. our introduceee said it's not what parents expect. >> and i think that was a surprise. >> it was a surprise when parents started getting phone calls last week, saying their kids were coming home one day early. the boys and girls club of greater washington gave this letter to parents, describing the discovery of, quote, inappropriate club fight
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activities. they didn't see it. >> and one mom said her 10-year- old son was punched. >> that is news to me. >> reporter: another witnessed violence. [ indiscernible ] hit one, two, three in the chest. >> reporter: mpd does not hire or supervise counselors at camp brown. people we talked with said mpd officers on site behaveed professionally. a spokesman said right now, the boys and girls clubs are focused on the, quote, primary goal of maintaining a safe and quality camp experience. we won't let isolated shameful actions impact the great work we do. >> how would you describe the overall environment there? [ indiscernible ] >> not a place that a child should be sent to summer camp. >> reporter: and that employee we talked with tried to report the problems but he said that nobody listens. we do know that at least some
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counselors have been fired. fox 5 learned that some came from the d.c. summer youth employment program. no one was charged with the crime but the investigation continues. camp brown is closed at least for now. shawn? >> and thank you, beth parker. prince georges county police released surveillance video that they say shows a man leading the little girl away from the store moments before sexually assaulting her. the 25-year-old is accused of abducting two girls on two separate occasions and sep rit- - sexually assaulting them. this is video on july 9th. you can see a man and a little girl walking through. he was arrested after the second incident, which happened on monday. a prince georges county man will spend five years in prison. he shot them in front of the temple hills apartment building in front of march 2011. a month before, the security guard claimed he dropped his work-issued gun and it went off, firing a bullet into the floor and the night of the
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murder, they were armed during a confrontation outside of the building. >> he's -- and that kind of sucks. my brother was the first one that jumped out of a moving vehicle and risked his own life. this is a person who took him home. >> the prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to convict pain on a murder charge so he plead guilty to manslaughter. everything is back to normal tonight at walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. one of the buildings was evacuated around 9:00 a.m. after someone called in a bomb threat. the officials searched a building and didn't find anything. patients and staff were allowed back in around 1 this afternoon. no arrests have been made. moment now information on the sikh gunman. federal investigators continue looking for the motive in wisconsin. rick leventhal has more. >> reporter: federal investigators reveal a new ending to the tragic attack of
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the sikh temple. investigators say that police took down the gunman with a single shot to the summit. >> and that appears the page fried a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. >> reporter: fbi agents are going through the scene of the attack, collecting evidence from inside and outside of the temple. >> after this works, we have identified no one else responsible for this shooting other than him and. >> not defined a motive at this point. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney said that while they work to answer questions, they focusing on the future. >> we're committed to insuring again that the feature is one of this community and people of all faiths, all religions, all creeds and all parts of our community. >> reporter: some good news, the lieutenant brian murphy shot eight or nine times by the gunman has seen improvement. the doctors report he was sitting up and walking in his
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hospital room yo and he is progressing amazingly. we're thankful for that. >> reporter: and they're clarifying information about page's ex-girlfriend, misty cook and reports of her arrest. >> the fbi a companied by the south milwaukee police department introduced her at her resident and she was cooperative. they arrested her for felon in possession at that time. >> reporter: the fbi said that cook's weapon's arrest was not related to the shooting investigation and they're firmly convinced that page acted alone. rick leventhal, oak creek, wisconsin, fox news. gun sales are up in virginia after the state reseal pealed the law. as of july 1st, you're allowed to buy more than one handgun for month that support sales up 17%. that figure counts buyers who passed the background check and private buyers don't get a background check so they're not
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included in the number. president obama is, once again, leading the presidential race in virginia. a new quinnipiac pole shows the president is up become -- poll shows the president is up by four points over mitt romney. the president is leading in wisconsin, but he is trailing in colorado. all three are key swing states in this election. according to the poll's assistant director, 90% of the people surveyed are sure who they will vote for in november, meaning there is less chance the candidates can change people's minds. despite that statistic, president obama is something in colorado. hoping to win over more voters. his challenger mitt romney is in iowa. jennifer davis has the latest. >> reporter: president obama spends the first of two days in colorado, something for support in the key swing state. starting with a rally in denver, flanked by activist sandra fluke. >> they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.
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[ applause ] and colorado, you have to make sure that does not happen. >> reporter: while pushing his policies on women's health, mr. obama's campaign is pushing back against mitt romney's claims that the president made changes to welfare. >> romney asked for more flexibility when he was governor. >> reporter: in web ads ending a rally in iowa, the presumptive gop candidate sticks to his guns. >> i want more people working if they're going to receive governor's assistance. >> reporter: he's claiming the president is out of step with other democrats because he striped a work requirement out of clinton-era form. >> it's wrong to make any change that would make america more of a nation of government dependency. we must restore and i will restore work into welfare. >> reporter: ohio republican senator portman is stumping for romney in colorado, shadowing president obama with five events of his own. he's said to be one of many names on the short list of possible gop vice presidential picks, as many wonder if romney is getting close to announcing his choice. >> the only people who know are talking and people like us who
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are talking don't know. >> reporter: new polls on what voters think. the latest poll gives president obama the latest -- lead over romney and the quinnipiac poll shows the race is more divided in several key swing states. d.c. mayor vincent gray met a crisis communications expert and has not discussed his political crisis with her. he met with judy smith last month after asking for advice in the federal investigation leading to guilty pleas from three high-ranking campaign aids and she not working with the expert. he passed clients including monica lewinsky and vic, actor wesley snipes and former senator larry craig. a company who has ties to the 2010 campaign ran up a huge tax bill. the d.c. tax collectors foiled a lien against bell international. the company owes $100,000 in backtaxes and the company's owner plead guilty last month
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to helping a shadow -- running a shadow campaign to get gray re-elected. claims that commercial property owners are not paying their fair share in the district. how much tax revenue is lost. and as he claims, he was demoted after actor charlie sheen received a high-speed police escort. this captain is taking action against d.c.'s police department. and virginia is getting tough on drunk drivers, what first-time offenders will have to do to their cars if caught breaking the law. gary. >> that is an eye on radar and what we end up with is most of the thunderstorms down to the south of us. we'll have full details, aat th don't go away. t go away.   [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. a lot of people enjoy paying taxes, but there are questions that some may have been paying their fair share, at least not been paying. mayor gray wants to know more about the washington post report that shows that the city officials approved for taxes for commercial properties. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: "the washington post" is reporting the fbi is looking into the issue, but when we spoke to the fbi, it could not confirm or deny it. the issue here, are d.c. tax officials giving breaks to commercial property owners? they saying that is not happening. it's not cheap to live in d.c.
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for many owning homes and businesses here, property taxes are hard to. is the aj cooper, who is running for city council, hears about taxes in general all of the time. >> we have been all over the city. the consensus is, you know, the taxes are high and the highest in the region. >> reporter: that is why the report by "the washington post" has many people talking and asking if everyone is getting a fair shake. the post said the office of tax and revenue granted $2.6 billion in reductions and taxable value on commercial property and that comes out to $48 million in lost taxes. >> i think any amount would bother me. >> reporter: mayor gray said that he had not read the post report but he wanted to learn more. >> the question -- question, what does that translate into in terms of the assessment themselves. what does that translate into tax dollars available to the city. >> reporter: the tax and revenue office has the
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discreation to amend excess value depending on certain circumstances. late this afternoon, the office responded to "the washington post" in a letter to the editor saying in part we stand by our real property assessment process and specifically the assessments of the properties identified in this article. by the way, i spoke with council member jack evans this afternoon. he's the chairman of the finance and revenue committee and he's spoke with the city's cfo and ask that he provide more information. evans said if the fbi is involved, he wants to know why. brian? >> matt ackland tonight. the police captain demoted after giving charlie sheen a escort. he was punished because he was told that they were routine, putting him at odds with chief cathy lanier. sheen's escort last year went against department rule rules. burton said lanier is not being
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truthful. >> she is lying. the attorney general's report proved it and the actions showed that she was not showing the truth to the media and public. because i spoke out, i am here now. >> shy claims it was not because of the shown incident but because of his performance. he's claiming whistle-blower demotion and wants his demotion rescinded. police arrested a man in connection with what they're calling a suspicious death. they found a man stabbed to death in apartment bathroom. tonight, castro is charged with murder. he was the victim's roommate. virginia has a new tougher drunk-driving law, requiring first-time offenders to drive with an ignition device. it lasted longer than the driver's license is restricted and the driver has to pay for the installation and monitoring. previously, only repeat
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offenders of those who tested at .15 or higher had to use the devices. both of virginia senate candidates agree the commonwealth should take control of the board that oversees dulles and reagan international airports. they support legislation that would shrink the metropolitan airport authority control and give virginia oversight of the board. it's overseeing the metro rail extension to dulles and criticized for questionable spending practices. following breaking news out of prince georges county, maryland and what is called a major fire in chapel oaks. an adult and child were pulled from the home in serious condition. we have a crew on the way and we'll have more on the news edge six. and comes as no surprise. even july was the hottest month ever for our nation and federal scientists sate average temperature was 77.6 dead forward lower states and breaks
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the record from 1936 in july during the dust bowl by -- .2 of a degree. the records go back to 1895. >> it was hot out there and gain, maybe virginia specifically? >> say that again. >> i thought there was a record in virginia. the hottest july ever specifically in the state of virginia. >> and i don't know about the state of virginia but the hottest here at national and dills, too and for the state of virginia, i can't speak to. that. >> okay. >> you want me to find out? >> sure. >> take your mic back off and pretend you know. >> the snarky brian, we love, right? and this is what we have. rain will be good. we need it and most thunderstorms are to the south
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of us and one is going into the southern sections of culpeper that is not moving and developing. not moving that much at all and if it does move, it's moving to the south, probably, out of culpeper county and there is another shower around gainesville there, south of 66 and 215. i know that is not much, but we're trying to find anything on radar that we can find and there is that chance at least and a couple of thunderstorms los angeles and to the south, that is where all of the activity is and that is moving quickly, wicker -- quicker than the last few days and to the south and this evening, it's going to be few and far between, isolated out there and the temperature is 88. 91 and monasses, 90 degrees and frederick, 88 and this is what it looks like for the next
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several hours here. once the sunsets, the chance of showers and thunderstorms will greatly diminish. a few clouds at 9 and for 11:00 and temperatures into the lower 80s and into some upper 70s. looks like they're on the increase and friday is the wettest day with a chance of severe thunderstorms. >> and that is calling for umbrellas and galoshes then. >> the fancy rubber boots that everyone likes. >> thank you. and just a reminder, check out the forecast any time you want. download it on your droid,. >> i joy phone or ipad. find it on our website, and it's a tropical storm but ernesto is packing a punch. and he came ashore late last night with 85 miles an hour winds and knocked down trees, power lines and some
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billboards. no one was hurt and the storm is down to 45 miles per hour and that can regain strength over the gulf of mexico. penn state uniforms get a makeover and how a local girl is helping the victims of penn state's sex abuse scandal. a unique exhibit that aims to prove that all children can create art. >> if you have a story idea, call the tipline at 202-895- 2,000 shoot an e-mail at i got the chance to start my y own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead.
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i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . penn state's football team is changing the generic uniforms. it will add a symbol of child awareness uniforms for the season. that is after jerry sandusky was accused of six jillly abusing several children. you will see the changes in the season opener against ohio university. today, former penn state players joined a local girl that is dedicated to making
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sexual victims. me is decided to help sexual survivors. she created wristbands for rain. the rape abuse and incest national network. today, she and the former players gave them a check for $11 million she's recognized for her dedication. creative kids showed off their work today at the kennedy center, part of a national competition to support disabled children. the all kids can create art exhibition feature can create work for kids ages five to 16. some are disabled, others are not. the theme? what inspires me. >> this is an amazing celebration of the abilities of all kids around the united states, and this is an astonishing opportunity to demonstrate them here in washington, d.c. >> this is a national contest with more than 3,000 entries being judged and there are 100 at this exhibit which runs through august 26k. help for home owners, where
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hundreds are turning to get themselves out of the mortgage mess. and learning about the gambling legislation that is sure to be a hot topic in annapolis as lawmakers convene for a special session. and do cell phones cause cancers? no one knows for sure. calling on federal regulators to measure the long-term impact. impact. 
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. hundreds of local home owners under water with their mortgages got free counseling today. many of them are getting a new better mortgage deal from their lenders. >> reporter: hundreds of local residents who happen to be in trouble on their mortgages met with their bankers or other mortgage holders in an effort to get a better deal or at least clarify their options. the program is called hope now.
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it began during the bush administration when the housing crisis was building. gerick lawrence, a civilian employee, showing in forestville in the year 2000. >> and a lot of people are telling me things i could do and what i can do finishly, get -- officially, get -- financially and should have studied more. payments came up and i tried to get out of that. >> reporter: he got a meeting with his own mortgage company and is walking out of here with a new deal that will lower his mortgage payment by about $600 a month. why are the major banks and other mortgage lenders modifying their deals? because foreclosure costs them a lot of money. >> so there is a lot of costs and fees around the foreclosure. and i don't think that people understand that. your average cost amount is about $75,000. certainly states is higher than. that. >> reporter: organizers estimate a third of those who
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come in and soak mortgage counseling get a new deal with the lower monthly payment and this event goes on until 8:00 tonight. if you decide to rush over here for the free mortgage counseling, bring the tax documents from last year, recent pay stubs and about three months of bank statements at the showplace arena in upper marlboro, john henrehan, fox 5 news. and we're learning details about the gambling legislation that maryland lawmakers will consider tomorrow. the governor called for a special session. the legislation would allow a sixth casino to be built and allows table games like poker and black jack at all of the state's gambling sites. the bill would allow the casinos to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. fewer babies are dieing in maryland. the rate has reached a record low for two straight years. the governor said his administration's goal is to raise infant mortality by 10% and followed 16% the last few
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years. this is a successful start. think of what one life means to a mother or father. what ask does that mean to awful us? >> there is some more work to be done and is to get the prenatal care they need to improve the safety and care of new borns when they go home from the hospital. what impact of radiation does the cell phone on have on your body? they want federal regulators to revamp standards that measure the impact of cell phone radiation. a year long review does not suggest that cell phones cause cancer, but did find that changes need to be made. marcia cross is the director of the healthcare for the gao. thank you for coming in. >> and thank you. >> in this day and age, everyone has a cell phone. young and old. you blasted the fcc standards for cell phone radiation. what do you think is wrong with them? >> and we think they need to be
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reassessed. they were set based on information that that is 20 years ole. people use cell phones more and many more use them, including children. >> reporter: and talk about what their standards are now. >> we're not setting specific recommending as in terms of the level of exposure that ought to be allowed. we think that is the fcc. that we need to do a review. we're recommending they review what the standard is and how manufactures have to test for exposure to radiation from cell phones. their tests don't include things like someone carrying it around in their pocket all day. >> and i was looking over the data. what when they did the test, they thought people would use cell phones and maybe they would put it on the table. many times, people keep their blue tooth and have their phone in their pocket. >> that's right and we think that the testing needs to
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reflect older phones were to large to fit into a pocket. they were smaller and thinner and people carry them around all day. >> reporter: congressman kucinich introduced a bill monday that would put warning labels on cell phones and test the -- to measure the effects of cell phone radiation on the human body, saying, quote, it took decades for scientists to say for sure that smoking caused cancer. we must allow consumers to have enough information to choose a phone with less radiation. what is your response? >> there are federal agencies that have responsibilities right now. the food and drug administration has some. we didn't look at whether or not those responsibilities should be changed or reassigned. >> urge huh. >> there is research ongoing, and cell phones do contain information right now. the packaging and labeling of cell phones do contain information, and current cell phones do meet the current
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standards, which are more stringent than those existing in europe. >> and let me ask you to put on your hat as a consumer. i assume you have a cell phone. >> yeah. >> how long do you think we should have to wait for a definitive answer as a consumer? >> thank is difficult to answer. you know the studies are hard to do and one of the issues is some of the health effects may take many years to develop, and i think we don't know yet. there is research underway and we have to try to be reasonable and sensible about how we use them and carry them. >> fcc has taken initial steps to comply with our recommendations and they said they're going to reconsider the standards. >> all right, michelle obama cross, thank you very much for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> a threat involving mike tyson's one-man show. we'll have details. >> reporter: and if you're not on facebook, you're in the
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minority. does that make you a psycho path? why thegen vacation generating a lot of buzz tonight. z tonigh
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. twitter turned over information to police about the user who threatened to recreate the colorado movie massacre at a broadway theatre. the new york city police had to use a subpoena to force twitter to hand over the info. the person devoted threats last friday and appeared to target the audience of mike tyson's one-man show. the security's beefed up at the theatre. is liking a page on facebook constitutionally free speech. they want a federal appeals court to rule it is and this
5:39 pm
resolves around six employees fired after supporting the opponent of the sheriff in 2009 by liking the opponent's facebook page. a u.s. district judge ruled against the workers in april and they appealing. does not having a facebook account make you a psycho path? the daily mail pointed out that james holmes did not have one. the mail argued facebook has become so normal among young adults, not having an account can make someone think you're -- suspicious, thinking you're abnormal, dysfunctional, or dangerous. >> the dumbest thing we ever heard. >> i agree. >> and i think you request do what you want whether you have a facebook page or not. >> yeah. and coming up, randy travis, you hear this, arrested for drunk driving again. the story does not stop there. tmz has the scoop. the preseason is hours
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away. the redskins say they're sick of this and after the break. shape. we could see showers as we get closer to the weekend. gary's back with the forecast.  [ male announcer ] i in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.
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under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . are you ready for football? it's only preseason, but tomorrow night, fans will get to see their new quarterback. robert griffin 3 in action the first time and two weeks into training camp, it's time to see how far they have come. >> reporter: 11 practices are in the books and the redskins boarded a plane for buffalo. the preseason games are not that exciting. this year is feeling different with rg-3 in the mix. they will start and you will play between 12 and 20 delays
5:44 pm
-- plays and that can equal one long drive or a handful of series. they found by the redskins in march and on the defensive side, the seven returns for a second straight season and kerrigan, iraqpo and fletcher are that group. whether to fight for a spot, every play or this team is ready to hit someone other than themselves. >> and we're tired of hitting them. you can't hit them, have to go all of the way and stop. to be physical and united on the field and to get up and after them. >> reporter: it's going to -- . >> it's going to be that time in camp. it does -- and you get tired of seeing the same faces. >> we're ready to go and fired -- tired of hitting each other and looking at each other and going against the same guys in practice and to go against someone not knowing my tricks. >> i would say they sick of playing against each other.
5:45 pm
that seems to be the consensus among the players. things are starting to get chippy the end of last week and monday of last week. mike shanahan led the redskins to a 5-11 record, he's 11 and 21 in his first two seasons and i will leave first thing tomorrow morning to go to buffalo. >> thank you, lindsay. >> sure. and that is it. get the tv and close your eyes for 40 seconds and here we go. allison felix won the first 200- meter. she won two silver medals in london. and the jamaican standout won gold in the point final. americans misty may trainer and kerry walsh jennings clenched their third gold medal in beach volleyball, the first three- time champs in olympic beach volleyball history and defended americans who took the silver and trainer will retire to start a family.
5:46 pm
meanwhile, a fire at new zealand's hospitality center forced 300 people evacuate. things are now under control. and this is the metal count. 81 medals, 31 gold and china with 76 medals, russia in third, great britain in fourth and germany in fifth with 32 medals. na is what i wanted to see. >> and now you know. >> and absolutely, i am going to watch. >> and are you dvring the olympics in. >> no. >> and that is on there any way. >> jimmy fallon. >> and off for two weeks. >> and -- to the olympics. >> and that is fun. >> yeah, i miss him. >> and have some on and the good end of the stick, not the short end. >> there you go. >> and now we know what brian does when he goes home. >> and when that is going to be over. >> and we have storms firing up
5:47 pm
out there and some sunshine in places and some of the sunshine is awe helping and we like that and you can see mostly cloudy out there and tonight and keeping temperatures down a bit and we did jump into the lower 90s briefly and we're back into the upper 80s. i want to show you, since we last talked with the first weather, there was not going on. the live radar is showing activity and that is to the north of gaithersburg between 270 and between gaithersburg and clarksburg and this is weakening. strong and calming down here and another shower here, most in montgomery county and that is on over the river into loudoun county and that is to the east of leesburg and look how quickly they popped up and there is some sunshine that started to poke through in the western neighborhoods and just
5:48 pm
that little bit of sunshine destabilized things enough and going to more heating and brought the showers and thunderstorms back up. can you see around monasses to the west, we saw this earlier and that is not is this strong and into haymarket there and that is to 66 and choicer to us in fairfax county and to the south of restin there and this is popping up here and there and as we switch on over. i want to show you most of the activity we're getting is down to the south and some of this is fairly heavy. it's calming down a bit. i think the most intense thunderstorms will be to the south. anything that pops up around here, we have enough instability and enough heat. there is an outside chance one of the storms could be strong and severe. 88 in town and up to 91. quantico, 87 degrees and into
5:49 pm
monasses, 90 degrees. frederick, 88. a shower or thunderstorm is possible and that is until the sun goes down. once the sun goes down, we'll cool off and things will stabilize. a few clouds lingering in the area and some temperatures by 11:00 and that is going to be muggy. to tomorrow, slightly better chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and into that evening, a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday and the way it's looking, we have good rain possible on friday. areawide, for just about everybody. and that is ahead of a weekend cold front, which, with the weekend cold front coming through, that is going change things around here. the big question, how quickly will the front move through and dry things out for the weekend? there is some showers and thunderstorms to the south of
5:50 pm
us and this frontal boundary to the north and west and that is what is going to come through the weekend and that is going to sit back here and styled out, waiting for re-enforcing area of colder air to come on through and that will give it a connect-- kick. and this is tomorrow night at 7:00, the shower and thunderstorm activity as we progress into thursday night and into friday morning, fairly dry. look what happens on friday. a great big area of shower and thunderstorms pop up. right on into friday evening and that is looking like it will hold through into friday night and saturday morning. again, overnight tonight, mild and muggy, upper 60s in the suburbs, the temperatures in town down into the mid- to upper 70s. tomorrow, like today, clouds and sun, the temperatures into the upper 80s and lower 90s and
5:51 pm
some thunderstorms and showers in afternoon and cool or friday and much cool or saturday, 83 and that is looks like everything is out of here by saturday afternoon and salvaging half of the day and sunday looks gorgeous. still looks gorgeous. 86 for a high, sunny, less humid and that is carrying into monday as well. >> all right. thank you, gary. and to the talk of the town on tmz. country singer randy travis in trouble with the law again and heaven, cops found him drunk and nake in the middle of the street. what happened? >> and this is crazy. the cops found randy naked, as you said. he hid a -- hit a construction area with his transam in, a '91
5:52 pm
transam, slammed into barrels and he was laying on the ground naked. they said he was drunk and he refused to take a blood alcohol test to the scene. worst of all, according to cops, he threatened to shoot and kill them. and he was also charged with felony resisting arrest. >> and he is in huge trouble and this is the second time he's had a drunk related arrest this year and that is sealing like he has a problem. >> for sure, something is going. let's talk about joan rivers, handcuffed herself to a shopping cart at a costco. why? >> i have to tell you, shawn, my favorite video of the year so far and this is hilarious. show broke a book. shape, you have to so this and on the tv show, you have to see this and she wrote a book. costco will not put it in their stores and has words in the
5:53 pm
back they find objectionable. she showed up at costco in burbank and finds this woman with a baby and takes the handcuffs out and handcuffs herself and picks up a bullhorn and said it's like nazi germany in here. they're banning books and she goes through the whole thing and lays out all of the books and sells 150 books while this is going on and the best line she said, you know, people go to costco and buy 300 rolls of toilet paper. they have to have something to read while using this. [ laughter ] >> and that is very true. >> i guess i expect this kind of behavior from joan rivers. was it a planned publicity stunt? clearly, she's trying to sell books. >> and show has been angry. costco agreed to sell the book and changeed its mind because
5:54 pm
of what was in the back cover and joan is a smart, smart woman and she got more publicity and play out of this thanna on a book tour and this is brilliant. >> it is. we'll see you here at 6:30. coming up new on the news edge, a mailroom mix up leads to a surprising shipment. how a d.c. man ended up with a military grade assault rifle. >>. and i driving dane jersey, a traffic alert for hundreds of drivers who crossed the woodrow wilson bridge. >> an out-of-this-world experience for a young boy who neverlet left home. i got the chance to start my own business.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
. the attorney for a ohio man accused of shooting his wife in a hospital bed said he acted out of a deep sense of love. he shot his wife to death on
5:58 pm
saturday in the icu. investigators are looking into whether it was a mercy killing and have not said why the woman was in the hospital. nancy kerrigan's brother won't go back to jail even though hosted to. he asked the judge to let him serve out the last four months of a 2 1/2-year sentence for assault rather than comply with the conditions of his probation. the judge turned down the request and kerrigan was convicted of assault and battery in connection with the 2010 death of his father. the state of texas executed a convicted killer. the lawyers argued he should not have been eligible for the death penalty because of his low iq. he was sentenced to death for killing a police informant 20 years ago. the lawyers appeal pointing to a psychological test showing he was impaired. the lower courts argued that test was faulty. since family filed into the state prison last night to witness his death by lethal injection. >> and he looked at his family
5:59 pm
and said soon get your life right with christ, and your mother, tell her that i love her. you understand i came here a sinner and i'm leaving a saint. take me home, jesus, take me home, lord. >> he was the seventh person executed by lethal injection in texas this year. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. it's a story you saw first on fox 5. >> it seems like a major breach on many levels. >> a d.c. man expecting a television to be delivered, instead received a brand-new fully assembled ready to fire assault rifle. it was correct on the box and the content was not and what happened? paul wagner joins us now. >> reporter: at first gla